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14 December
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I'm Lizard-22, and welcome to my journal. If you look at my userpics, most of them have credits to who made them, if you want a credit for yours, just email me over at trekkie_lizard@yahoo.com and have the subject read icon credit, please, otherwise I won't open it. I'll be updating this area with credits to things I use in making my icons, banners, and other things if I use them on all or most of them.

The handiest icon table of them all!
Since that link's broken, here's another link I found.
Corel Photo Paint (I only use brushes, etc. that came with that program ... so sue me, lol!)
icon_textures - This is where I will get all of my backgrounds for text icons unless otherwise noted
Awesomely fancy fonts!
Current header by sinuous_curve

Role Playing Games:
(the games I'm on and who I play) ...
Imagined Peace - Elizabeth Tucker, Sam Winchester, Jake Foley, Anna Colt, Harry Dresden, Charley Miles, Andre "Andy" Winchester, & Mary Jessica Winchester
Supernatural Life - Elizabeth Tucker, Sam Winchester, Jake Foley, Anna Colt, Mike Morgan, Charley Miles, Mary Winchester, & Ben Spencer
Heroes - New Beginnings - Samantha Richards
Ashes to Dust - Mack Henderson & John DiNozzo
CSI;; Crime Scene - Greg Sanders & Elizabeth Tucker
Paranormal Detective - Sam Winchester & Elizabeth Tucker
The Facility - Tony Cale
Ordinary People - Scott Reese
Carry On My Wayward Son - Bobby Singer
((The ones with strike-throughs are essentially "dead" or I don't really post there.))

Thanks for reading, and feel free to add me as a friend! :)



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In Memoriam:

"Today, we are all Hokies." va_tech
Even though I'm merely a TN high school senior, my heart goes out to all those touched by this tragedy. ~ Lizard